Venture Philanthropy: We do not give gifts,

we make philanthropic investments.


We pursue opportunities that will create significant social impact .


Innovative Investments

The Massiah® Foundation seeks opportunities with the intent to create what did not exist. One of our Innovative examples is the creation of The Samuel Jordan Center for Persian Studies at University of California at Irvine (UCI). The Samuel Jordan Center for Persian Studies is the first independent campus center in the United States for Persian Studies and Culture.

Transformational Investments

The Massiah Foundation invests in opportunities that will have a transformational result through leverage with others. For instance, the Massiah Foundation awarded a transformational contribution to Portland State University to empower the creation of the new Northwest Center for Engineering facility together with the creation of a number of faculty endowments and student scholarships.

Charitable Investments

The Massiah Foundation makes contributions to causes that are traditionally ignored by the mainstream. One such recurring contribution is the Massiah Foundation’s continued scholarship support of low income high school graduates who continue onto college. Over the years we have supported almost 300 scholarships, some anonymously.