Maseeh Hall at MIT

The Massiah Foundation is excited to welcome the new undergraduate residents to their new home in the Masseh Hall, which opened in September 2011, after four (4) years of dedicated work by MIT and its donors in renovating the building into a gorgeous new living space for MIT students. In creating the Masseh Hall, MIT gave life to a space where students can both live and learn. In its first year, the dorm already put in place plans to invite MIT professors to dine and to speak with small groups of residents with the goal of forging relationships between professors and students on a more informal basis, outside the classroom. Student residents seem to have taken full advantage of the opportunities and programs provided in this space by MIT and have even cleverly dubbed themselves “Maseehdonians”. In addition to the aforementioned dining plans, students have come up with many more exciting dorm wide events that seem to capture the purpose of the building and the hopes of the Massiah Foundation with perfection: to provide a space for students to both feel at home and have a physical forum where they can share ideas and develop lifelong relationships with their fellow classmates. The Massiah Foundation wishes this year’s residents a highly productive, successful and very enjoyable year ahead.